Taking the measure of product development

Is the way you measure product-development performance harming your company’s health? New research suggests that it might be.

Beware the iSmell: 10 Rules for Successful Product Development

Product development is often a make-or-break issue for start-ups, and it’s also one of the most poorly understood, entrepreneur Dan Cohen said during a recent presentation at Wharton San Francisco.

The Pocket MBA Portable App

Calling all business students and students of business: Pocket MBA shrinks a complete MBA coursebook to iPhone size. The app originally sells for $29.99, but you can get the lite version for free from the iTunes App Store.

Based on the work of Jae K. Shim (co-author of “The Vest-Pocket MBA”), Pocket MBA covers topics ranging from Business Strategy to Economics to Information Technology.

In each of … [ Read more ]


Legendary retailers Sam Walton and Ray Kroc used to hunt for real estate at 30,000 feet; they used private planes to survey the country for prime spots in which to open new stores. Now a new website, ZoomProspector, attempts to provide business owners a similar bird’s-eye view of the commercial landscape from their desk chairs.

Using information from local governments and other sources, ZoomProspector allows companies … [ Read more ]

270+ Tools for Running a Business Online

Mashable’s online business toolbox lists more than 270 online apps for running your business, broken down into the following categories:
Accounting, Billing, Invoicing, Estimating & Contracts
Calendars & Scheduling
Charts, Diagrams, and Whiteboards
Collaboration & Workgroups
Conferences, Presentations & Meetings
Crowdsourcing, Networking & Community
Customer Relationship Management, Customer Service & Contact Management
Database, File Storage & Information Management
Employee Management, Payroll & Human Resources
Marketing & Publicity
Money Making & eCommerce Solutions
Office Applications
Organization & Management
Phone … [ Read more ]

Business Book Summary Resources

Book summaries can be a useful tool to time-starved souls who want to keep up with business thought, trends, concepts, etc. In the spirit of summarizing, here is a summary of the various book summary services along with some free resources.

UPDATED December 2015

Your Guide to Enterprise Software Selection: Part One

Enterprise software selection is a risky undertaking. Even after you’ve determined your requirements, the crucial software assessment and negotiation phases are potential minefields. Find out how you can reduce the risk involved in choosing a solution that meets your needs.

Your Guide to Enterprise Software Selection: Part Two

Enterprise software selection is a risky undertaking for any organization. Find out how you can reduce the risk with a best-practice approach to assessment, evaluation, and selection—and learn how to reduce the time and cost involved in choosing the right solution.