A value culture for agriculture

To become high-performing businesses, agricultural co-ops must move away from their traditional role as service providers.

Editor’s Note: not a typical academic case but rather a detailed analysis by McKinsey

CP Group: From Seeds to ‘Kitchen of the World’

Thailand’s CP Group became Asia’s largest agro-industrial company through the development and geographic expansion of its vertically integrated system. In this new Case Study, Professor Peter Williamson and Keeley Wilson explain how CP build the capabilities required for success and used alliances and joint ventures to expand beyond its core business and into processed foods.

Monsanto and Genetically Modified Organisms

Not long ago, Monsanto offered a host of attractive products to agriculturists and multinational companies. But in the space of two years, those products became much less tempting. A surprisingly virulent anti-genetically modified organisms (GMO) campaign in Europe and the EU’s new and restrictive regulatory policy on GMOs presented Monsanto with a bleak future. Professors Olivier Cadot, Landis H. Gabel and Daniel Traça ask where … [ Read more ]