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7 Ways to Ease Claims Pains

Business insurance claims are rising, with no end in sight. To help finance executives stem financial losses, we asked risk managers, insurance claims specialists, brokers and consultants what companies should do – and what they should avoid doing – when a loss occurs. Here is their advice.

The race for new e-business models (Allianz)

The case of Allianz Group’s drive to break away from the competition illustrates the positive impact inter-firm competition can have on overall firm strategy.

Note: This is an edited excerpt of a case study written by the Allianz Management Institute with Christoph Lechner, Karolin Marx and Günter Müller-Stewens of the University of St. Gallen. It was originally intended for classroom discussion but in this form, … [ Read more ]

CINCO (A): Challenging Traditions and Charting Reform, (B):Turf Wars

The road to reform in China is paved with detours and dangerous curves. Among the hazards are the traditional values that thrived under state run rule, but which now serve to slow progress. Looking at the case of CINCO, one of China’s oldest and largest insurers, Sarah Meegan and Professor Steven White show how the best intentions can be stymied by intractable cultural … [ Read more ]

Hank Greenberg

CEO of American International Group (AIG)