The Tinkerings of Robert Noyce

“Any study of the history of Silicon Valley should start with a magazine article by perhaps the greatest literary journalist of our time, Tom Wolfe. In this 1983 Esquire piece, Wolfe offers a highly engaging profile of the charismatic founder of Intel and tells the story of the founding of the computer chip business. It’s a terrific tale: A group of young geniuses, many still … [ Read more ]

Andy Grove

Morris Chang

Morris Chang is Founder and Chairman of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company

Andy Grove

chairman and former CEO of Intel

ARM Holdings Plc

In just ten years, ARM transformed itself from beleaguered computer company to designer of RISC chips that are today the de facto standard for mobile phones, storage devices, automotive computing, and others. In this Case Study, Eleanor O’Keeffe and Professor Peter Williamson present the company’s innovative business model based on partnerships that give it unrivalled capability to “learn from the world”.

Andrew S. Grove

chairman and co-founder of Intel