Former Best Buy Chief Hubert Joly’s 10 Keys To CEO Transition

One of Hubert Joly’s proudest accomplishments is the successful CEO transition his team orchestrated when he stepped down as CEO of Best Buy. Here’s how he did it.

Your Succession Plan Is a Bust

It’s probably just a replacement plan. Here’s how to create an effective succession plan — one that makes your company stronger. A Q&A with Randall Beck, Gallup Managing Partner and expert on succession planning.

“Home-Grown” CEO

Business leaders who achieve extraordinary short-term financial gains for their companies often become celebrities. But how does a company secure long-term value for their shareholders, and how does this correlate with CEO leadership? More specifically, what do we know about the importance of effective succession management?

Overcoming the Obstacles to CEO Succession Planning

To avoid politics that lurk in the shadows, get the issues out in the open with a disciplined succession process.

CEO Succession 2003: The Perils of “Good” Governance

Booz Allen Hamilton’s annual study of CEO succession aims to identify patterns in the relationship between chief executive officer tenure and corporate performance that can provide insights for managers, board members, and their advisors. Following the methodology used in previous years, we identified chief executives at the 2,500 largest publicly traded companies in the world (based on market capitalization as of January 1, 2003) who … [ Read more ]