Dealers 1 Internet 0

Car dealers learned fast how to handle customers who think they know everything.

The Evolution of B2B: Lessons From the Auto Industry

Only a few years ago, B2B exchanges were expected to completely alter conventional buyer-supplier relationships. The reality has been otherwise. Only 10% of the 1,000 B2B exchanges launched in the past 18 months are reportedly still in operation. Meanwhile, the important B2B action seems to have shifted to industry-wide exchanges run by incumbent firms, such as Covisint in the auto industry and Transora in the … [ Read more ]

What’s changing the face of the automotive industry

Trends and drivers in the automotive industry as well as an outlook on the years to come.

Industry Outlook Report: New Paradigms for the Auto Industry Beyond 2000

“The automotive industry will ride a wave of dramatic change over the next decade as new technologies emerge, markets stagnate in developed countries and grow in emerging countries, buying patterns change, and customers become ever more demanding. The industry will respond to a wide range of political, social, and economic issues: How quickly will Eastern Europe and China develop? Which trade barriers will rise or … [ Read more ]