New Strategies for Consumer Goods

The industry has already extracted much of the benefit to be had from improving productivity and concentrating on core brands. Meanwhile, its dynamics are changing. What comes next?

To Pay or Not to Pay: Measuring Consumer Willingness to Pay in FMCG Markets

Marketers are naturally interested in how much consumers are willing to pay for their goods, and a number of techniques exist to help them do this. Professors Klaus Wertenbroch and Bernd Skiera examine some ways in which market researchers can establish the level of consumers’ Willingness To Pay (WTP) in fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) markets.

If These Shelves Could Talk

Procter & Gamble is wiring its products to track when items leave the shelves. It’s part of the battle to cut inventory costs and revive earnings.

Article also provides some insight into P&G’s operations and the importance of the supply chain in the consumer products industry. Also discusses collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment, or CPFR