Euro Clash

Removing tariffs is easy. Breaking down social barriers to trade is hard.

Financing Challenges and Solutions For Small to Medium-Sized Import Enterprises (.pdf)

Despite recent tariffs imposed by the United States on steel, barriers to international trade in general continue to fall, enabling U.S. importers, among others, to expand their use of low-cost overseas suppliers. But even though Wharton experts characterize today’s global economy as deeper and broader than others in recent history, a GE Capital Trade Finance business leader says that some daunting obstacles remain … [ Read more ]

Trademark rights in gray markets

The legality of trademark protection in gray markets is determined by the principles of: universality, exhaustion and territoriality. Recent cases involving the Tariff, Lanham, and Copyright Acts have restricted the level of legal recourse where parallel imports jeopardize the trademark holder’s investment and/or create confusion amongst the consumers. The landmark 1998 L’Anza Supreme Court decision clearly sends a message to trademark owners that legislative protection … [ Read more ]