Internet Value Chain Economics

The Internet has left its mark on society – from online shopping and banking to YouTube videos and social networking. Beyond these societal trends, how does the economy of the Internet work? How is the industry structured, and which companies are the players? How do companies make money, and what are the prospects for growth?

When your competitor delivers more for less

Value-driven competitors have changed the expectations of consumers about the trade-off between quality and price. This shift is gathering momentum, placing a new premium on-and adding new twists to-the old imperatives of differentiation and execution.

Network Your Way to the Top: ‘Working It

You’ve handed out stacks of business cards, called all your contacts, and mailed reams of cover letters. Guess what, pal: So has everybody else. That’s why we’ve asked the pros for networking tips and tricks that’ll help you leave the name-tag-wearing, resumé-waving hordes in the dust.