Your Guide to Enterprise Software Selection: Part Two

Enterprise software selection is a risky undertaking for any organization. Find out how you can reduce the risk with a best-practice approach to assessment, evaluation, and selection—and learn how to reduce the time and cost involved in choosing the right solution.

Open Source, Part 2

A second generation of open-source tools such as databases and app servers is winning business converts. But do they have the innovation and influence to prosper?

Process Manufacturing Software: A Primer

Process manufacturing has unique requirements differentiating it from other types of manufacturing. When selecting software for the process industry, special attention and emphasis should be placed on these requirements to ensure that a company can operate at optimal levels, consistent with how it does business and not on how the software lets the company do business. This article defines process manufacturing; discusses its formulation, packaging, … [ Read more ]

Programmers abroad: A primer on offshore software development

Developing software in foreign lands can save time and money-but only if companies do it right.

BI: Everything Must Go

Corporate managers often feel boxed in by their own supply chains. Business-intelligence software may open them up to new possibilities.

Look Within

Business-intelligence tools have a new mission: evaluating all aspects of a company’s business.

Where Productivity Lives

Today’s business software is more powerful and more complex than ever. Wondering what it can do for you (and what it will cost)? Business 2.0 offers answers in its third annual Business Software Tool Kit.

IT Managers Become More ‘Open’-Minded

IT departments are gradually opening the door to open-source software. Companies are finding that open-source alternatives can be easier to use and more reliable than proprietary products-and major vendors are starting to get the message.