Standards propel cable modems into the big time

CIOs grappling with remote user connectivity issues and those at small enterprises should pay close attention to the evolving cable modem standards that are geared toward making cable modems more viable.

The Internet, Untethered

The Internet is going mobile. To succeed, it must learn from the mistakes made in the fixed-line Internet boom, argues Tom Standage.

A Call for Help

“‘The U.S. [cell phone] industry is a freak of nature, an artificial creation with more competitors than the economic reality justifies,’ argues Scott Ford, president of Arkansas-based Alltel, the largest regional cell phone company. ‘It’s the biggest issue facing the industry. We are rapidly moving from wealth creation to wealth destruction.’ What’s needed is a wrenching, top-to-bottom consolidation – and it is coming soon, thanks … [ Read more ]

Mad as Hell

How are the cell carriers ever going to run a decent business with so many customers so irate?

Why Banks and Telecoms Must Merge to Surge

In Europe last year, telecommunications and financial companies joined at a rate of one alliance a month. The trend will go global, because financial content is where the money is.

Wired Economy: Telecommunications (Washington Post Special Report)

The Washington Post devotes a section to the struggling Telecom sector. Stories touch on the investments in the sector — and their dubious payoffs. The lead story of the section, “A Hot Sector Burns Out”, sets the stage for a discussion of the current shakeout in the industry and Wall Street’s investments both past, present and future in the growth of telecom. Other stories touch … [ Read more ]

A Wireless Revolution Called Bluetooth

Article provides a plain-english look at a new wireless technology that has the potential to shake up several markets.

The telecommunications climate in the Asia-Pacific region

Trying to paint telecommunications in the Asia-Pacific region with a broad brush is unwise, according to a recent report from Gartner. Read on to get an overview of how countries including Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea have taken a different approach to liberalizing the industry. Full report is also available for free download.

The Six Greatest Barriers to mCommerce

Despite optimism surrounding the launch of the wireless web, it hasn’t exactly taken off in the U.S. and may not for the forseeable future due to these six barriers.

Wireless Everything

Businesses are harnessing the technology to spur sales and give workers an edge