If You Want to Make God Really Laugh, Show Him Your Business Plan: The 101 Universal Laws of Business

Why are so many businesses such depressing, poorly directed messes? Ask Barry Gibbons, enlightened capitalist, high-spirited wit, and the man who nearly single-handedly pulled Burger King out of a long, disparaging slump, rendering it robust and dynamic (without cutting heads).

In this rollicking, iconoclastic book, Gibbons blasts apart the thick wall of hubris, hierarchy, regimentation, and exaggerated complexity so endemic to the corporate world–and lays bare … [ Read more ]

The Company: A Short History of a Revolutionary Idea

Considering the astounding impact companies have had on every corner of civilization, it’s amazing that the development of the institution has been largely unexamined. Economist editors Micklethwait and Wooldridge present a compact and timely book that deftly sketches the history of the company. They trace its progress from Assyrian partnership agreements through the 16th- and 17th-century European “charter companies” that opened trade with distant parts … [ Read more ]

What Management Is: How It Works and Why It’s Everyone’s Business

What Management Is, by former Harvard Business Review editors Joan Magretta and Nan Stone, identifies management as the driving force behind key innovations of the past century and presents a jargon-free look at the way its core principles work. Designed to promote “managerial literacy” up and down the business food chain, as well as among those who simply “want better communities and a better world … [ Read more ]

Capitalism and Commerce: Conceptual Foundations of Free Enterprise

“Every person works within or deals with the business system and therefore needs to understand its nature and foundations,” writes Wheeling Jesuit University’s Younkins. In the best book, the noted advocate of free markets offers the vehicle to that understanding — a comprehensive overview of the philosophical basis for, and the moral and ethical rights and responsibilities that underlie, the capitalist system.

Business: The Ultimate Resource

This book is an ambitiously conceived and fully realized one-volume encyclopedia of business. It includes over 150 best practice essays written by topic experts, several hundred management and action checklists, summaries of seventy seminal business, bios of business greats, a business dictionary, a world business almanac, and an extensive topic-based listing of additional information sources (books, magazines, Internet, and associations).

Surfing the Edge of Chaos: The Laws of Nature and the New Laws of Business

In this breakthrough business book, Pascale, Millemann and Gioja troll the emerging science of complexity for “ideas [that] can produce a concrete bottom-line impact.” Extracting key “dynamics of survival” from the life sciences, these three management consultants successfully show business leaders how to turn their companies into agile and adaptable “living systems” that achieve long-term vitality and sustainability in a swiftly evolving environment. Their four … [ Read more ]