Intellectual Property and Entrepreneurship, Volume 15

The papers in this volume represent some of the leading work on intellectual property. They address the question of how to create incentives to develop new technologies and how to protect those technologies once developed from theft. They also ask when valuable property might be developed even under weak ownership conditions. Other papers address how firms balance the tradeoffs in considering costly patent litigation and … [ Read more ]

The Entrepreneurs Guide to Business Law

This standard-setting book is an essential resource for anyone looking to understand the legal challenges faced by entrepreneurs. From leaving your current job to taking your company public, it has the information you need to avoid potentially costly missteps. This book contains 17 chapters that follow the progression of a start-up business and anticipate its legal concerns through each stage of growth, with essential coverage … [ Read more ]

The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Law

Bagley and Dauchy take the would-be entrepreneur from the decision to go it alone through the growth of the new venture to the initial public offering — anticipating and explaining legal concerns throughout the process. There are chapters on deciding whether to incorporate, raising capital, and forming a board, as well as discussions of contracts, product liability, intellectual property, and human resources.

“There is a need … [ Read more ]

Free Culture: How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity

From Stanford law professor Lessig (Code; The Future of Ideas) comes this expertly argued, alarming and surprisingly entertaining look at the current copyright wars. Copyright law in the digital age has become a hot topic, thanks to millions of music downloaders and the controversial, high-profile legal efforts of the music industry to stop them. Here Lessig argues that copyright as designed by the Framers has … [ Read more ]

The Illustrated Story of Copyright

Starting from the perspective of the future of technological innovations such as computers and software, Samuels looks into the past, placing those innovations in historical context and giving life to what is generally considered an esoteric subject. He notes that U.S. copyright laws have been sufficiently flexible and adaptive to accommodate new issues. He examines contemporary issues from the MP3 music-sharing litigation to restrictions on … [ Read more ]

Make the Rules or Your Rivals Will

Being smart and successful in business is possible only for those armed with the “kill or be killed” mentality. Competition is inevitable, says author Shell, a professor at the Wharton School, but in a cutthroat world that rewards street smarts and cunning-along with good connections and unlimited funds-conquering business enemies is the necessary ingredient for true success. Shell explains “everything-you-wanted-to-learn-in-business-or-law-school-but-didn’t”: if you want to be … [ Read more ]

Prophets of Regulation: Charles Francis Adams, Louis D. Brandeis, James M. Landis and Alfred E. Kahn

The first railroad czar, the first trade regulator, the first Wall Street watchdog, the economist who shook up the airlines in the ‘70s-these are McCraw’s titular prophets, the guys who mastered the art of keeping business in check. McCraw tells their engaging stories-like that of James Landis, father of the SEC, dean of Harvard Law School, alcoholic, tax evader, reported suicide-covering 100 years of U.S. … [ Read more ]

Edison in the Boardroom: How Leading Companies Realize Value from Their Intellectual Assets

“Edison in the Boardroom offers the reader something that is hard to find-a clear perspective and roadmap that shows how patent assets fit on the corporate landscape. The authors develop a unique five-level hierarchy of asset management and take us on a seamless trip from start to finish. Along the way, there are candid revelations of viewpoints and techniques, punctuated by anecdotes, practical examples and … [ Read more ]