Moral Hazard: A Novel

This short, self-assured novel by Australian-born Jennings (Snake) brilliantly depicts the complicated life of a working woman on Wall Street during the dot-com boom. Cath, a freelance writer in her 40s, is married to Bailey, who’s 25 years her senior. When he develops Alzheimer’s, she takes a speech-writing job at an investment bank to pay for his expensive medical care. Wry but realistic, and realizing … [ Read more ]


First-novelist Bronson takes on modern business in a black comedy about a group of money-crazed and eccentric bond traders in San Francisco.

Regardless of how you feel about investment banking (“It’s a complete scam!”; “It’s a great way to make a killing!”), this non-stop novelistic indictment of the shark-infested financial world–and by extension, much of the corporate world–is bound to make you laugh uproariously–and think … [ Read more ]