Putting Common Career Advice to the Test

A great deal of career advice, while given with the best of intentions, is often not based on verified evidence and is anecdotal, hackneyed, contradictory, or outdated. We now have more clear evidence of what constitutes good advice in terms of which mindsets to hold while navigating one’s career. According to the evidence, some is powerful and effective, some is at best unhelpful, whereas some … [ Read more ]

5 Ways to Differentiate Your LinkedIn Profile

William Arruda offers tips for making your LinkedIn profile stand out and attract more employers.

50 Ways to Get a Job

Looking for a new job can be an intimidating task with lots of things that you need to do, but the 50 Ways to Get a Job web site can make it not seem overwhelming.

The site uses the old logic of breaking down a large task into smaller pieces to tackle it. It first asks you to choose what stage of the job search you … [ Read more ]

How to Build Meaning, Impact, and Opportunity with Your Body of Work

No one is looking out for your career anymore. You must find meaning, locate opportunities, sell yourself, and plan for failure, calamity, and unexpected disasters. You must develop a set of skills that makes you able to earn an income in as many ways as possible. You must create your own body of work as you operate in different organizational systems and structures.

Is It Time to “Repot” Your Career?

How changing your trajectory can lead to greater innovation, success, and meaning in your work.

Life is Luck — Here’s How to Plan a Career Around It

The difference between moderate and great success is mostly luck, not skill. Chance plays a much greater role in our careers than we might wish or even realize. Most of us can live with the upside of this observation: we tend to claim credit for good luck anyway. But the downside — the thought of our careers as the playthings of fate — is almost … [ Read more ]

The Key to Choosing the Right Career

We all want to choose a career that will make us happy, but how can we know what that will be? Research suggests that human beings are remarkably bad at predicting how they will feel when doing something in the future. It’s not hard to find someone who started out thinking that they would love their chosen profession, only to wind up hating it. In … [ Read more ]

Employers Not Calling You Back? 5 Reasons Why

Being out of work for two years or longer makes candidates harder to place than people with a criminal record, recruiters say. Gen Y, take note: A history of job hopping is a deal-breaker, too.

a) Doctor b) Builder c) Cop d) HELP!

What job? What industry? To the rescue are online career-assessment tests that aim to help workers (and daydreamers) identify suitable jobs and work environments. We took four tests to learn what fields are a good fit for a longtime reporter: the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), the Kolbe A Index, the Motivational Appraisal of Personal Potential (MAPP) test, and a service called Careerkey.

Women For Hire

Founded in 1999 as the first and only company devoted to a comprehensive array of recruitment services for women, Women For Hire offers signature career expos, inspiring speeches and seminars, a popular career-focused magazine and customized marketing programs. Our website, womenforhire.com, offers a wide variety of career-related information and videos geared to working women, and an online job board that helps leading employers connect with … [ Read more ]

Work Values Checklist

Whether we realize it or not, often our career choice is based on values rather than the work. Values are the beliefs, attitudes and judgments we prize. Are you aware of your values? Do you act on them? Use this checklist to get a better idea of what’s important to you.

FC Expert Blogs: Shawn Graham

Shawn Graham, an Associate Director with the MBA Career Management Center at UNC’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, offers useful career insights in this blog hosted by Fast Company.

Interview Cheat Sheet

Creating a cheat sheet will help you feel more prepared and confident at the interview. It’s not a list to check off during the interview, but more something to remind you of key facts. Here are some suggestions for what to include on it.

Get Yourself Noticed

It takes a multitiered, multichanneled approach to succeed in a job search. This means a campaign that includes ad responses, executive job lead reports, Internet resume postings and distributions, targeted print mail campaigns, email broadcast campaigns and an intensive networking effort. Here’s how to craft your strategy.

Six Tips for Acing Your Year-End Review

Raises often are tied to performance, so it pays to prepare for your annual appraisal. Here’s how.

Lyle’s Law of Becoming

Velocity – or rate of change – is important in many different kinds of systems. While you need to know where you are, it is often even more essential to know how fast you are going and in which direction you are heading. When applied to human beings, this becomes Lyle’s Law of Becoming: What you are becoming is as important as what you are … [ Read more ]

Working With Executive Recruiters When Your Goal Is the CEO Suite

CareerJournal.com spoke to Stephen Mader, a vice chairman at executive-search firm Christian & Timbers, about tips for would-be CEOs on working with executive recruiters.

Good, Green Jobs

Published in October 2005, Good, Green Jobs is GreenBiz.com’s go-to guide to landing the environmental job of your dreams. The distinction between “mainstream” and “environmental” fields is a thing of the past; find out why your ideal job might be located in an unexpected sector. This briefing is chock-full of resources and tools to help you navigate your job search successfully, from composing a killer … [ Read more ]

Jobseekers Advice

This “is a free career advice website for jobseekers. Within this site you can find free career advice relating to career development, CV advice, employment issues, interview advice, job hunting, working abroad, training, education and much more.” Includes articles and discussion forums provided by the site’s volunteers or “submitted by businesses or individuals in the recruitment industry (some even by jobseekers themselves).” Searchable.

Why Your Resume Isn’t That Important

Despite conventional wisdom you do not want to start your job search with a major resume effort. Shifting your focus away from this dreaded document can actually help land you a position. Take this quiz to test your job-search savvy.