“A Friend of a Friend” Is No Longer the Best Way to Find a Job

How do you get a job these days? The answer often involves networking — it isn’t what you know, it’s whom, we’re told. But what does that mean? After all, we’re connected to many people, in countless ways. So who can actually help? What kinds of relationships should we try to use when we are looking for a job?

Word-for-word Script for a Great Email Introduction

There are common threads with the introductions from people who stood out, made me want to meet them and/or help them start businesses, find jobs, or even hire them myself. They’re simple steps, but 99% of people skip them. Don’t.

The Smartest Ways to Network at a Party

Reading a room is a skill that can be learned; a guide to nonverbal cues like how people stand or hold their hands.

6 Networking Mistakes Job Hunters Make

Most people know by now that networking beats answering job ads, but how you go about it can make all the difference. Here’s what to avoid.

Recruiting Experts Tell All: The Ultimate Recruiting Playbook

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