How Amazon Innovates in Ways that Google and Apple Can’t

Amazon has shown a remarkable ability to succeed in a wide variety of different product categories. That’s a contrast to most other high-profile tech companies that are really good in one area — Google’s dominant online services or Apple’s extraordinarily profitable hardware — but struggle when the quest for growth pushes them outside their zone of core competency. Amazon has figured out how to combine … [ Read more ]

The Real Story of How Amazon Built the Echo

The talking speaker started as part of a secret augmented-reality project and ended up as a surprise hit.

How Discovery Keeps Innovating

CEO Adrian Gore describes how the South African company has been shaking up its industry through business-model innovation and explains what helps to catalyze new ideas.

Flight of the Drone Maker

The AeroVironment story is not a playbook for other companies to follow wholesale—for one, its heritage cannot possibly be duplicated—but it’s a fascinating tale rich with lessons for any company. Most of all, AV shows how disruptive technologies can evolve and shake up their industries, even when multiple market forces exist to hold them back. It also offers companies guidance about when to evolve to … [ Read more ]

Five Gates to Innovation

Corning Inc.’s process for developing inventive products actually works, a claim that few companies can make.

The Fabric of Creativity

At W.L. Gore, innovation is more than skin deep: The culture is as imaginative as the products.