Zantac (A&B)

The anti-ulcer market is one of the largest categories of prescription drugs in the pharmaceutical industry. Its history dates to 1976, when a US based pharmaceutical company SmithKline launched Tagamet. This Nobel prize-winning breakthrough drug quickly rose to become the largest-selling pharmaceutical product. As the incumbent, Tagamet seemed unshakeable, but with the introduction of its ‘me-too’ product Zantac, UK-based Glaxo managed to … [ Read more ]

Marketing Strategies in the Competition Between Branded and Generic Antibiotics (A): Clamoxyl in 1996, (B): Augmentin in 2002

The high cost of pharmaceuticals is a serious concern for government officials trying to reduce health care expenditures. In this new Case Study, Professor Chandon and Research Associate Sarah Spargo, look at the battle between branded and generic prescription drugs, and explain how SmithKline Beecham reacted to a direct attack on one of their ‘jewel’ drugs.