Resilience in a crisis: An interview with Professor Edward I. Altman

Professor Edward I. Altman of the Stern School of Business, New York University, is a leading expert in credit and debt. He has written or edited two dozen books and more than 160 articles on finance, accounting, and economics. He is also the creator of the Altman Z-Score, developed originally as a means of predicting bankruptcy probabilities. McKinsey researchers successfully used the Z-Score to test … [ Read more ]

How to Build a Stronger Economy

Jim Clifton, chief executive of Gallup Inc., has a robust theory about entrepreneurialism and economic recovery.

Jeremy Rifkin on How to Manage a Future of Abundance

The influential economic theorist looks ahead to a world of virtually free energy and zero marginal cost production, and to a desperate race against climate change.

Prospects for Growth: An Interview with Robert Solow

The economist who won a Nobel Prize for advancing our understanding of technology looks at the past and future of productivity-led growth.

Editor’s Note: more interesting than the description would indicate

How Simon Kuznets Codified Modern Economic Growth

Simon Kuznets, winner of the third Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 1971, helped transform the field of economics into an empirically-based social science. An excerpt from Robert Fogel’s book on the great economist.

Douglas Rushkoff Makes the Digital Economy Work for You

The social theorist on why new technologies are ushering in a paradigm shift, and how the transition will redefine how business is done.

The Innovativeness of Nations

INSEAD professor Soumitra Dutta’s Global Innovation Index helps show which nations are on the rise and which are not.

A Return, Not to Normal, but to Reality

In trying to make sense of economic uncertainty, it pays to look beyond conventional wisdom for an explanatory theory of the hidden fundamentals that can drive or hinder growth. Hence this interview.

Mark Anderson is the editor, publisher, and chief correspondent of the Strategic News Service newsletter, one of the most incisive publications in its field. Ostensibly about the future of the computer and communications industries, … [ Read more ]

The Thought Leader Interview: Allan Meltzer

The world is not facing another Great Depression, says the noted economic historian, but the Federal Reserve is eroding its credibility.

An Interview with Jeffrey Sachs

While development economist Jeffrey Sachs has done most of his work in the public sphere he has done so with one, overriding intention — to improve the public good, namely to ameliorate the lives of poor people around the world. Here he is interviewed by Stephen Bernhut.