Jim Collins: On Leadership In America

Chief Executive magazine interviews Jim Collins. This is the first of five parts.

Frances Hesselbein’s Merit Badge in Leadership

The former CEO of the Girl Scouts has spent decades bringing professional management to nonprofits.

Nir Halevy on Motivating Your Workforce

The Stanford professor explains how social distance (construal-level theory) affects how people respond to feedback.

The Discipline of Managing Disruption

To Harvard professor Clayton Christensen, coauthor of How Will You Measure Your Life?, a primary task of leadership is asking questions that anticipate great challenges.

Thoroughly Counterintuitive Approach to Leading

Is boring suddenly good…and inspirational bad? Stanford professor Bob Sutton explains what he’s learned from hundreds of conversations with Silicon Valley’s brightest stars.

Building the Skills of Insight

To eminent systems therapist David Kantor, learning to recognize the hidden patterns in conversation is the first step toward more effective executive leadership.

Editor’s Note: see a related video by David Kantor, which describes how leaders can uncover hidden patterns in conversation in order to more effectively inspire their teams, and shape group conversations.
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The Thought Leader Interview: Dov Seidman

The influential business author and CEO explains why the practice of enlightened self-governance gives companies an edge.

Carol Bartz on Bad Bosses, Picking Your Fights and Saying ‘I Don’t Know’

Carol Bartz is widely-known in Silicon Valley for two things: being a high-profile executive at some of the best-known technology companies, and being a pull-no-punches speaker who says whatever is on her mind. Both traits were in evidence at a recent talk on Wharton’s San Francisco campus during which she discussed how bad bosses can be as instructive as good ones, how important it is … [ Read more ]