Sam Palmisano


Pattie Maes

“The 38-year-old associate professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Media Lab has engineered major breakthroughs in software agents, programs that are changing the face of Internet shopping and are on the verge of turning retailing on its head. But to Dr. Maes (pronounced “Mahs”), it’s not the technology but its effect that is important. She is the prototype of the New Economy scholar/entrepreneur: a … [ Read more ]

Charlie Feld

John Chambers

CEO of Cisco, IU MBA

Ray Ozzie

Founder, Groove Networks, a company trying to use peer-to-peer technology to allow workers in different companies to collaborate on projects in a private, secure, virtual shared space.

Steve Kirsch

Founder, Infoseek

Marc Andreessen

Kim Polese

one of the masterminds behind Java and the founder, Chairman and until recently CEO of Marimba

Editor’s Note: this is an archived copy of the interview b/c the original site is now dead; so, some links may not work…

Eric Schmidt

Novell CEO

Tom Leighton

Akamai co-founder & Chief Scientist, and MIT math professor

Marc Andreessen

inventor of the browser and co-founder of Netscape

Editor’s Note: this is an archived copy b/c the original site is dead – so some links work and some don’t…