Combining curiosity and business smarts, Springwise scans the globe for new business ideas, business opportunities, concepts and ventures ready for regional or international adaptation, expansion, partnering, investments or co-operation. The site’s researchers, or ‘Springspotters’, track hundreds of global offline and online business resources. They also take to the streets of world cities, digital cameras at hand, searching for the next big thing. Findings are aggregated … [ Read more ]

24/7 Innovation Diagnostic

Go to this site to download an Excel spreadsheet diagnostic (really just a collection of useful questions) to assess your organization against seven components of a Capability as described in the book, 24/7 Innovation. You should evaluate how well you currently perform against each question. You should also assess how well you want to perform (importance) in each area. This will help highlight gaps in … [ Read more ]

Entovation International Ltd.

ENTOVATION® International serves as the hub of a world-wide network of expertise exploring new methods of Knowledge Innovation. The ENTOVATION® Network offers a unique combination of benefits:
– Access to a network of both theorists and practitioners.
– Worldwide exposure to the most progressive managerial concepts.
– Systematic assessment with capabilities across the entire innovation spectrum.
– Universal application across functions, … [ Read more ]