Smartly bills itself as the fastest way to master everything you’re
expected to know at the start of your MBA. The course curriculum and material was created in collaboration with experts from Harvard and INSEAD and includes microeconomics, accounting, statistics, and finance. Smartly courses face you with real-world examples and problems to cement your understanding of the course material.

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OneStopMBA provides information about MBA course preparation. It also contains a lot of useful downloads and links, including course materials, exam practice tests and questions, jobs info, interview questions, etc.

MBA Channel

The MBA-Channel links the target groups in the immediate field of the Master of Business Administration: Schools, companies and above all prospective students. Besides journalistic expertise, the website bundles different features with high utility: Extensive and in-depth search functions for business schools, MBA programs and events. The business schools have the ability to directly address students and prospective students: All information is directly conveyed to … [ Read more ]

This site provides information on MBA and Masters study, offers an MBA Community as well as GMAT test preparation courses and dissertation coaching services.

Personal MBA

The Personal MBA bills itself as “a way to learn about business by working and reading well-selected books and blogs on topics of interest to you. This will allow you to pick up valuable business concepts and ideas without spending a great deal of time and money completing a traditional MBA program.”

MBA Math

MBA Math is a fee-based (currently $149 for one year access) online site for pre-enrollment MBA math training. It builds on five years of teaching an on-campus one-week pre-enrollment math and spreadsheet preparation course for incoming MBA students at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. The spreadsheet, finance, microeconomics, and statistics content should be relevant to incoming students of any MBA program.

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League of MBA Bloggers

A guide to the weblogs that are written by current and prospective MBA students.

Where Will They Lead? MBA Student Attitudes about Business & Society 2003

What are MBA students thinking about the role of business in society? What attitudes are they bringing with them as they enter the world of business upon graduation? In a path-breaking survey research project beginning in 1999 at leading international business schools, the Business and Society Program sought to find answers to these questions. The key objectives of the research were threefold:
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MBA Boot Camp

Are you ready for business school? MBA Boot Camp will help you prepare for all of the upcoming challenges and opportunities by guiding you through admissions, academics, post-MBA careers and the overall MBA experience. Taught by distinguished professors, industry practitioners and recent MBA graduates, MBA Boot Camp will help you gain the knowledge, skills and insights necessary to get into and excel at … [ Read more ]

The MBA Experience

Martin Lloyd offers up this blog on his experiences as he progresses through the Said Business School (Oxford) MBA program.

Editor’s Note: prospecitve MBA’s should also check out the MBA Admissions section of the site.

“Founded in 2001, is the leading MBA admissions information provider. The company publishes the founder’s book, Mastering MBA Admissions, which is positively the best resource available to those applying to top business schools.

In addition, our company assists applicants throughout the application process. We assist with general application strategy, essays, letters of recommendation, wait-list letters, resumes and cover letters.”


MEETUP is a free service designed to use the Internet to connect groups with common interests. The MEETUP folks have hand-picked 11,409 (and growing) good meetup spots in 540 cities in 22 countries. This link is to the page dedicated to prospective MBAs (with scheduled MEETUPs for every 3rd Monday of the month). As of 7/10/02 there are only 2 people registered but … [ Read more ]

MBA Outlook

In an uncertain economy, find out what rewards – and risks – come from pursuing an MBA degree. Research the effect of the downturn on MBA programmes and graduates. Learn what MBAs can do to position themselves best. Read MBA Outlook, a special report from The Economist Global Executive today

BusinessWeek Online B-School Calendar

BusinessWeek Online’s B-School Calendar will give you an idea of upcoming events at B-schools in the U.S. and around the world. You’ll find information on admissions receptions, application deadlines, networking events, alumni events, conferences, and much more.

Who’s Hiring

An MBA is a healthy boost to any career, but if you have your heart set on working at a particular company, you want to make sure that it’ll be recruiting on campus when you graduate. Here’s a BusinessWeek Online tool that lets you pick a company and find out which schools it hires MBAs from.

Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT)

MLT is a non-profit organization committed to helping students of color across the U.S. plan their careers from the time they are freshmen and sophomores in college by exposing them to the benefits of earning an MBA.

Since its inception in 1994, MLT has accomplished its goals through a number of services, the most essential of which is the Mentor Program. Through this component, each student … [ Read more ]

crack The GMAT

This “one stop shop for GMAT preparation” offers a free diagnostic test designed like the real computer adaptive tests, and the questions are of an actual test level. Thus it will give you an idea and feel of the actual test. The test also lets you compare your scores with those of other test-takers around the world.

MBA Links & Resources Page

A straightforward listing of ~200 MBA programs broken out by country (not alphabetical though). Also has a short list of distance and online MBA programs as well as other MBA resources.

The MBA Exchange

Bills itself as the leading consultants for applicants to the world’s best MBA programs. Serves as an applicant’s advisor, advocate and ally, providing an objective, actionable assessment of their strengths and weaknesses.