Combining curiosity and business smarts, Springwise scans the globe for new business ideas, business opportunities, concepts and ventures ready for regional or international adaptation, expansion, partnering, investments or co-operation. The site’s researchers, or ‘Springspotters’, track hundreds of global offline and online business resources. They also take to the streets of world cities, digital cameras at hand, searching for the next big thing. Findings are aggregated … [ Read more ]

Competitive Fitness of Global Firms

Professor Jean-Claude Larreche of INSEAD heads an initiative that effectively quantifies the Competitive Fitness of Global Firms. He has published a report each year since 1998, providing an evaluation of the business capabilities of firms among the 500 largest in North America and Europe. Instead of relying on the short-term, financial information that is so easy to find on business corporations, his report delves deeper … [ Read more ]

Do MBAs Need More Street Smarts?

“In our work with outstanding service organizations, we have found that they invariably hire for attitude and train for skills. Are street smarts attitudes or skills? If street smarts are attitudes, should MBA program admissions offices look for them in applicants? If so, how? Is it more than a matter of just age and experience? If they are skills, should the curriculum be designed to … [ Read more ]

Wharton Emerging Technologies Management Research Program

This independently managed site at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania was established by the Wharton School to identify and explore the best ways for companies to compete, survive and succeed in industries that are being created or transformed by emerging technologies. The site has four major sections: Research, Insights for Industry, Events and What’s New.

GW Forecast

The GW Forecast brings experts together online to forecast forthcoming breakthroughs and strategically plan for their impact. It can be thought of as a “virtual think-tank” that conducts its work electronically. The most useful section is the knowlege base, which consists of results by year or field (inc. energy, environment, materials, IT hardware, IT software, medicine), articles & briefings (in-depth analysis and summaries of each … [ Read more ]

2000 National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers

From the United States Trade Representative (USTR), this report “surveys significant foreign trade barriers to U.S. export.” Created from information collected from government agencies including the USTR and the US Departments of Agriculture and Commerce, the report attempts to classify barriers in foreign trade into ten categories including import policies, government procedures, lack of intellectual property protection, and investment barriers. Reports on US trade … [ Read more ]

Emerging Market Access Index (EMAI)

Based on research at Darmouth’s Tuck MBA program, the EMAI describes, in a single, summary measure, the degree to which emerging countries have opened their borders to trade.