Jim Harrison has created a free online business tutoring service that is conducted entirely through email. Each one-on-one session is intended to enhance the student’s understanding in areas of business. Use this site for help on starting your paper or you can submit your paper via email for review.

Editor’s Note: I really don’t know what to make of this service and as I have … [ Read more ]

The e-Learning Jump Page

This is probably the most complete web site devoted exclusively to e-Learning, that also professes to use the internet as the delivery channel. You’ll find lots of useful e-learning information on related web links, conferences, press releases, articles, research topics, reference sources, and organizations. [Babson Insight Annotation]

The 2001 Finance Education Special Report

Finance education and training is the key to building any superior finance team. Whether it’s sending seasoned finance executives or even CFOs to professional development courses, creating custom finance training programs for nonfinance managers, or sending young hires to executive MBA programs, boosting the financial knowledge of the organization can have a direct impact on the bottom line. This month CFO.com separates the fact from … [ Read more ]


Cenquest delivers content from the best business schools via the Internet to busy professionals on their terms. The company is reinventing the traditional business school experience consistent with three characteristics of the Web: personalization, broad content access, and imaginative application of technologies. With a rich mix of classic content, industry-specific programs, and “hot” topics that has been validated and accredited by established traditional academic partners, … [ Read more ]