Command, Leadership or Management? An Enigmatic Triad

The purpose of this article is to analyze the so-called differences between Command, Leadership and Management (CLM), see whether these differences are a reality or are mere perceptions, and come out with a true understanding of these vital aspects of professional excellence. This may help professionals in understanding and practicing their roles creatively and effectively. Let us first analyze the debate on differences between Leadership … [ Read more ]

Why Don’t We Get Leadership Right?

A quick look in a library, bookstore or on any search engine will prove our fascination with leadership. As a collective, we’ve been studying it for centuries, so why don’t we get it right? Why are there more zero-sum and inconsistent leaders, who lead us into difficult economic situations such as the one we’re now experiencing, than visionary and effective ones?

Listening, a Tool for Leadership and Commitment

This article, based on the Shareware eBook “Leadership Skills – How to Unleash the Power of People”, will explain the significant connection that the skill of listening has to both leadership and commitment. If you manage people, this article is for you.