What People Really Want from Customer Service

A look at 7 types of customer service representatives and which are preferred by organizations hiring reps vs which are preferred by customers.

Sheena Iyengar on the Power of Choice – and Why It Doesn’t Always Bring Us What We Want

In March 2010, Sheena Iyengar, a professor at Columbia Business School, published a book titled, The Art of Choosing. Iyengar, who is blind, says the book reflects her interest in how people make choices, including how they are able to navigate both the opportunities and responsibilities that an abundance of choice can bring. In a video presentation, Iyengar offers Knowledge@Wharton viewers her perspectives on the … [ Read more ]

The Real Life Social Network v2

Paul Adams worked in the UX team at Google and was the user research lead for social. He spend a lot of his time doing research with people on how they use social media, sitting down with people, and having them map out their social network, and looking at how they use tools like email, Facebook, Twitter, their phone, and so on. One of the … [ Read more ]

Marketing and Human Instincts

How the simple rules underlying human decision making can have a huge impact on consumer behavior.