How Narcissists Climb the Career Ladder Quickly

People with a high degree of narcissism get promoted faster, new research shows. Why?

The ‘Hidden Talent’ That Determines Success

In our era of globalization, your job performance may depend on your “CQ”. So what is it?

The Secrets of the ‘High-Potential’ Personality

Ian MacRae and Adrian Furnham have identified six traits that are consistently linked to workplace success, which they have now combined into the High Potential Trait Inventory (HPTI).

Priming, Money and their Effect On Us

What do you think about the notion of free will? An interesting experiment conducted by the BBC’s “Bang Goes The Theory Team” regarding a psychological phenomenon called “Priming”. It is a phenomenon that may well change your understanding about the way we are all affected by what we see, and so, how we perceive our environment… And all without even knowing. [Hat tip to] … [ Read more ]

BBC News Country Profiles

Full profiles provide an instant guide to history, politics and economic background of countries.
They also include audio and video clips from the BBC archives.

Editor’s Note: see a similar resource, the CIA World Fact Book

MBA Guide (2)

Whether you’re thinking of taking an MBA as a career break or simply out of interest, Peter Calladine, Educational Services Manager at the Association of MBAs, attempts to answer all your questions. What’s involved, which institutions offer them, and what they do for your career prospects.

Editor’s Note: Though the original link is dead, you can still read this online thanks to the Internet Archive … [ Read more ]