The Center for Creative Leadership Handbook of Leadership Development

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) is the world’s largest institution devoted exclusively to leadership research and education. For more than three decades, CCL has studied and trained hundreds of thousands of executives and worked with them to create practical models, tools, and publications for the development of effective leaders and leadership. This book brings together the wealth of practical knowledge that CCL has gained … [ Read more ]

Twenty-two Ways to Develop Leadership in Staff Managers

A person who works exclusively in staff jobs throughout a career is less likely to develop important leadership competencies than a person who works exclusively in line jobs (or in a combination of staff and line jobs). Life as a staff professional is developmentally impoverished. The consequences of having developmentally deprived staff professionals are serious. It means it is more difficult to find strong staff … [ Read more ]

Making the Connection: Leadership Skills and Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence has become a popular topic in the business press in recent years. This article help leaders understand and develop emotional intelligence competencies. This study compares scores on Benchmarks to self-reported emotional intelligence as measured by the BarOn EQ-i. It shows that the key leadership skills and perspectives are related to aspects of emotional intelligence and the absence of emotional intelligence was related to … [ Read more ]