Private Equity Is In a Class of Its Own

M.B.A. programs are offering more private-equity courses and strengthening connections with buyout firms to help students land jobs.

Bschools Apply Lesson From Branding 101

Many schools boast talented marketing professors and send their graduates off to brand powerhouses like Procter & Gamble. Yet most schools have failed to develop a resonant brand image of their own. While schools may well have distinctive cultures and academic strengths, they usually play up their media rankings and use the same buzzwords, such as global and entrepreneurial. Some schools are trying to change … [ Read more ]

Communication Skills Are Critical to M.B.A.s

It is the rare business school that provides master of business administration graduates with a thorough grounding in corporate communications. While some b-schools offer classes in “management communication,” the emphasis typically is on public speaking and written reports, not on managing a company’s reputation.

Exec M.B.A. Programs Saturate Some Markets

Does the world really need another executive M.B.A. program?

Plenty of business schools obviously think so. Every week or two, it seems, I receive a press release announcing yet another new part-time executive M.B.A. degree…

Will MBAs Seek New Certification?

Article looks at a proposed new certification test for MBAs.

A Strong Admissions Essay Is Key to B-School Acceptance

One of the most important parts of the M.B.A. admissions process is the student essay. Yet many students hurt their chances by not putting enough effort into it. After all, this is perhaps the best ways to differentiate yourself from all the other students applying for admission.

Dan Rogers, who is now a first-year M.B.A. student at Harvard Business School, offers some advice on writing a … [ Read more ]

Why B-School Professors Are Drawing Such Interest

Article looks at the shortage of business Ph.D.s and the problem of filling vacant professorial positions.