Drivers of Success in Services

The best professional services companies understand that their people are their only products, and that strong performance requires getting top talent to act instinctively in ways that always promote the company’s strategy, according to a new study by Bain & Company.

Putting Your Leaders Where It Counts

Companies that systematically and continuously put the right leaders in the right jobs outperform companies that don’t-by a wide margin. In this article, the authors argue that chief executives must recognize and act on the consequences of how they deploy their best managers.

The story behind successful CRM

The first step in leading a successful CRM program is to develop a robust customer strategy based on good old-fashioned customer segmentation. Step two is to realign your organization to support this plan. Third, provide the right tools and technology to support your customer strategy and realigned organization. And at every step of the way ask yourself whether customer loyalty could be better promoted by … [ Read more ]