Solutions to 10 Most Pressing Direct Mail Problems

This article offers solutions to the 10 problems reported most often in a Guerrilla Marketing survey.

Guerrilla Headlines

Every guerrilla destined for marketing victories knows very well that if you have ten hours to spend creating a marketing weapon, you should spend nine of them creating the headline. It’s the first impression you make, often the only impression, and the rest of your marketing weapon will live or die by the quality of that headline. Here are 20 hints to help you create … [ Read more ]

Guerrilla Marketing With Technology

To many guerrilla marketers, technology is to be lauded because it has put them online — giving them access to the speed of email, the power of fresh information, the warmth of closely connected people, and the marketing muscle of the World Wide Web. To others, technology is the hero because it allows them to flourish in a home-based business. This article examines 25 areas … [ Read more ]

Five New Rules for Marketing

Marketing is part art, part science and part business. Because it’s such a subjective thing, there are few hard and fast rules. But here are five new ones to guide you in your quest to boost your profits with a minimum investment and avoid nasty surprises along the way.

The Truth About Customers

You may think you know why your customers buy from you, but there’s a good chance they buy for reasons other than the reasons you think. Or they don’t buy for reasons that may escape you.

Jay Conrad Levinson

As real estate is location location location, marketing is frequency frequency frequency.

Jay Conrad Levinson

Your customers do not buy because they’re being marketed to or sold to. Instead, they buy because you help them realize the merits of owning what you offer.

Why People Buy

Geoff Ayling, in his book, “Rapid Response Advertising,” provides fifty reasons why people buy. Here they are plus one.