Good Deeds Deliver

“Especially in environmental matters, the link between socially responsible practices and shareholder returns is becoming evident. That’s because a company’s ability to deal successfully with environmental issues can be a credible measure of management quality, which is notoriously tricky to gauge, contends Frank Dixon, managing director with Innovest Strategic Value Advisors, New York. Management teams that excel in handling environmental issues, which come with a … [ Read more ]

The Value Chain (Industry Week)

From Industry Week, The Value Chain is an online publication providing up-to-date information, articles, and resources on value chain management (VCM), a theory of management that considers every step of manufacturing a product, from raw materials “right down to disposing of the packaging after use.” Along with feature articles and columns about value chain management, the site also contains a FAQ, which offers excellent basic … [ Read more ]

Usability On The Web Isn’t A Luxury

On the Internet, it’s survival of the easiest…it’s cheaper to increase the design budget than the ad budget

The ABCs of E-Business

E-transformation is forcing IT and business managers to relearn the roles

Asking the Right Questions

Editor-in-Chief of Information Week poses 25 enduring questions to ask about your company

Revenge of the Giants

With the help of VCs, corporate goliaths are fighting to reclaim Internet real estate; five examples are presented

Consumer Centricity

C.K. Prahalad posits that the role of consumer is being transformed from passive buyer to active participant in co-creating value; recognizing this shifts the locus of core competencies from the firm to the enhanced network.

The Keys To E-Transformation

You need all five of these critical factors to deliver sustainable growth to your company

Rethinking ROI

Some projects have become so important that companies are looking for new ways to measure their return on investment–or are dispensing with ROI studies completely

1999 Products Of The Year

This year’s top offerings have helped make the Internet the great enabler of business processes


the fast track to becoming an e-business; it’s no longer a question of Whether, but How–and the best Web models are emerging

E-Business 100

The leaders of E-Business: Innovative users of the Internet take charge of the new economy