Value-chain accountability: Making the numbers add up

Boardrooms have replaced barricades as the new front line in the debate over globalisation. Companies, governments and nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) are engaged in ongoing discussions nowadays about the risks and opportunities of global business expansion. It seems a long way from the clashes marked by protestors shouting in the streets. Yet the new civility hasn’t yet cracked some vital questions: How will these groups now … [ Read more ]

Family Secrets

Recent scandals at family-held companies such as Parmalat, Hollinger and Adelphia reinforce a common misperception that family firms operate at a disadvantage to other companies. Bain & Company’s Robin Buchanan, Cyrus Jilla and Martha Stack explain what sets the best of family firms apart from the rest.

Making Change Stick

About half of the 223 executives who responded to a recent Bain & Company survey on organizational issues said their companies fell short on the essential capabilities necessary for a turnaround. But some companies do beat the average and bring about sustained improvement. When we studied 21 of the most impressive transformations of recent years, we found four principles underlying success.