Organization Design for Business Ecosystems

The modern corporation has long been the central focus of the field of organization design. Such firms can be likened to nation-states: they have boundaries that circumscribe citizen-employees, and they engage in production and trade. But individual corporations are no longer adequate to serve as the primary unit of analysis. Over the years, systems of distributed innovation – so-called business ecosystems – have become increasingly … [ Read more ]

Vigilant Spreadsheets

Would you like to be able to scan your company’s financial operations spreadsheet and instantly see which departments are over budget or behind schedule or which accounts receivable are past due? There’s an easy way to do that in Excel, which can automatically flag cells that meet most any condition you establish. You can set the cells to display different formatting flags-colors, font styles, shading, … [ Read more ]

The Automated Spreadsheet

You’re about to leave on a business trip. You’ve packed your laptop, PDA, e-mail pager and cell phone. Yet despite all of this high-tech equipment, you feel disconnected from your office. After all, you realize that being on the road significantly increases the possibility you won’t be able to adequately monitor your business even if you can remotely connect to the Internet.

What if you … [ Read more ]