M.P. Bhattathiri

Western management philosophy may have created prosperity—for some people some of the time at least—but it has failed in the aim of ensuring betterment of individual life and social welfare. It has remained by and large a soulless edifice and an oasis of plenty for a few in the midst of poor quality of life for many.

M.P. Bhattathiri

It is the ego that spoils work and the ego is the centerpiece of most theories of motivation. We need not merely a theory of motivation but a theory of inspiration.

Robin Stuart-Kotze

All too often, bad behaviors are intended to delay things, avoid facing up to things, deny things, project onto others what you are really feeling and doing yourself, rationalize what you are doing. The real goal of bad behaviors is to indulge your emotions and avoid the reality of situations.

Dee Hock

When it becomes necessary to develop a new perception of things, a new internal model of reality, the problem is never to get new ideas in, the problem is to get the old ideas out. Every mind is full of old furniture. It’s familiar. It’s comfortable. We hate to throw it out. The old maxim, so often applied to the physical world, “Nature abhors a … [ Read more ]

The Dean (David West)

The manager’s job is to be effective. Effectiveness means creating a match between management style and the manager’s situation. The match can be made either by changing style or changing the situation.

The Dean (David West?)

Managers are not good at managing change. Why? Because most managers are stewards and not leaders. They tend towards security, stability and predictability.

Eliahu Goldratt

most famous as the author of The Goal.

John Harvey-Jones

In my philosophy of management it follows that if the strategic objective has been worked out together and agreed, and the right conditions have been created in which people can be switched on, the ‘how’ of what is to be achieved is a matter for delegation.

Dee Hock

Without doubt, the most abundant, least expensive, most underutilized and constantly abused resource in the world is human ingenuity. The source of that abuse is mechanistic, Industrial Age, dominator concepts of organization and the management practices they spawn.