Hunting for Money: A Guide to Financial Aid

Add an MBA to your resumé, and your earning potential can skyrocket. But a B-school education doesn’t come cheap. Find out how to get yourself the right financial aid package so you don’t start off your new career saddled with debt.

The Future of Branding

Branding has become the hot concept in management circles. And it’s only getting hotter. Jungle assembled five experts (Anne Bahr Thompson, Bernd Schmitt, Marc Gobé, Peter Golder, Nancy Koehn) to put branding under a microscope … and explain why it’s the future of business.

Conquering Cold Calls: When Professors Attack

Your response to a classroom cold call can make your reputation—one way or the other. Here’s how to shine when the spotlight’s on you.

Studying Abroad: Getting an MBA Overseas

With so many business schools in the U.S., why are some American students choosing to pursue their degrees at foreign institutions?

Tales from the Admissions Crypt

B-school candidates often beg, wheedle, and humiliate themselves to secure a position in the class. But it needn’t be so, say admissions officers at some of the nation’s top schools. Less is usually more. Often much more.

Interviewing at a New Company: Off to a Good Start-up

Anyone interviewing at a new company should know this: The old rules have gone up in flames. Five founders offer advice.

Recruiting Experts Tell All: The Ultimate Recruiting Playbook

Ever imagine listening to a team of all-star recruiters, MBAs, senior managers, and professors talk about winning job-search strategies? Pull up a chair.

Pleasure in Others’ Misfortune: The Heart of a Winner

Feeling bad for feeling good. Such is the strange internal conflict that is Schadenfreude, a German word, literally translated as “harm joy,” that describes taking pleasure, however fleeting, in someone else’s misfortune. More complex and layered than envy or shame, schadenfreude is as universal a human emotion as exists … and yet it is a word with no simple equivalent in English. Largely ignored for … [ Read more ]

Start Your New Job Right: Stepping Up

Starting a new job is always a delicate dance. Here, managing directors, senior VPs, and savvy associates tell you how to make a great impression … without stomping on anyone’s toes. Topics include:
– Four ways to win over colleagues
– The golden mentor rule
– Nine things you’ve got to know about face time
– Four keys to nailing … [ Read more ]

Return of the Corporate Raiders: Bring Back the Barbarians

“It’s time to admit the unspeakable: The corporate raiders who laid siege to industry in the late 1980s were actually an investor’s best friends.”

Greg Brenneman

president and COO of Continental Airlines

Richard Holbrooke

From Wall Street to war zones, master negotiator Richard Holbrooke brings a winning touch to the table.

Why Your Resume Got Tossed and What You Could Have Done to Prevent It

The average recruiter sees 5,000 resumes a year. Any legitimate reason she finds to make one disappear makes her life that much easier and yours that much harder. Here, top-level recruiters reveal how candidates blow their chance to get a foot in the door.