The Psychology of Entrepreneurial Misjudgment, part 1: Biases 1-6

Charlie Munger is an 80-something billionaire who cofounded top-tier law firm Munger, Tolles & Olson and is Warren Buffett’s long-time partner and Vice-Chairman at Berkshire Hathaway, one of the most successful companies of all time.

Some people consider Mr. Munger to be an even more interesting thinker and writer than Mr. Buffett. Mr. Munger’s magnum opus speech is The Psychology of Human Misjudgment — an … [ Read more ]

The three kinds of platforms you meet on the Internet

One of the hottest of hot topics these days is the topic of Internet platforms, or platforms on the Internet. In this blog post, Marc Andreessen attempts to disentangle and examine the topic of “Internet platform” in detail.

Editor’s Note: I think this is a good read for both the technically inclined and technophobes…

The Pmarca Guide to Startups, part 8: Hiring, managing, promoting, and firing executives

One of the most critical things a startup founder must do is develop a top-notch executive team. This is a topic that could fill a whole book, but in this post, Marc Andreessen provides specific guidelines on how to hire, manage, promote, and fire executives in a startup based on his personal observations and experiences.

Editor’s Note: another great post from Andreessen…

The Truth About Venture Capitalists

Marc Andreessen offers a series of blog posts on venture capital.

Age and the entrepreneur, part 1: Some data

Marc Andreessen summarizes some research by Dean Simonton on age and creativity across many fields.

Why there’s no such thing as Web 2.0

Marc Andreessen discusses the difference between “spaces” (or trends) and markets, focusing on the Web 2.0 trend.

Marc Andreessen

There is no such thing as a “space”.

There is such a thing as a market — that’s a group of people who will directly or indirectly pay money for something.

There is such a thing as a product — that’s an offering of a new kind of good or service that is brought to a market.

There is such a thing as a company — that’s an … [ Read more ]

The Pmarca Guide to Startups

In this series of blog posts Marc Andreessen walks through some of his accumulated knowledge and experience in building high-tech startups.

Editor’s Note: I especially enjoyed Parts 1 and 4.

Luck and the entrepreneur, part 1: The four kinds of luck

Marc Andreessen takes a look at luck and the entrepreneur, focusing on the work of Dr. James Austin, who developed a theory of four kinds of luck (chance).

Business Magazine Covers as Contrarian Indicators

Marc Andreessen summarizes and provides a copy of a 2007 paper in the Financial Analysts Journal by Tom Arnold, John Earl, and David North:

“Headlines from featured stories in Business Week, Fortune, and Forbes were collected for a 20-year period to determine whether positive stories are associated with superior future performance and negative stories are associated with inferior future performance for the featured company. “Superior” and … [ Read more ]