Comparison Shopping

The real reason CEO compensation got out of hand.

The 12 Kinds of Ads

Slate offers an overview of 12 kinds of advertisements with accompanying video illustrations.

Why Harvard Is Bad for Wall Street

The bright young things from Harvard Business School are making their way to Wall Street in droves. Some 26 percent of the HBS class of 2004 took stock-market related jobs, up from 23 percent of the class of 2003. I guess that means it’s time to sell.

Man of Steel

In one of the least widely reported stories I have stumbled upon, Wilber Ross is purchasing the assets of steel operations that have gone bankrupt and is potentially in the position to make a lot of money. How? By purchasing the assets of the firms and leaving the so-called legacy costs (example pension and heath-care costs) out. It is a great example of several important … [ Read more ]