Sink-or-Swim Attitude Strands New Managers

Training new supervisors has a positive effect on all of the supervisor’s staff and produces more results than the supervisor was able to accomplish as an individual performer. While many companies offer some sort of management training, often it’s ineffective. But by adjusting when the training is conducted, what is included and who conducts it, you can make big differences in the effectiveness of your … [ Read more ]

Building vibrant employee networks: whom you know helps determine what you know and how your job gets done

In today’s flatter, knowledge-based organizations, networks of informal relationships are often more critical to performance and innovation than those of formal divisions and units. The networks also have a lot to do with personal productivity, learning, and career success. Helping employees build vibrant networks can have tremendous payoff for managers in terms of both individual and departmental productivity. The paper examines this issue in detail. … [ Read more ]