Nicholas Negroponte

One of the basics of a good system of innovation is diversity. In some ways, the stronger the culture (national, institutional, generational, or other), the less likely it is to harbor innovative thinking. Common and deep-seated beliefs, widespread norms, and behavior and performance standards are enemies of new ideas. Any society that prides itself on being harmonious and homogeneous is very unlikely to catalyze idiosyncratic … [ Read more ]

Nicholas Negroponte

Innovation is inefficient. More often than not, it is undisciplined, contrarian, and iconoclastic; and it nourishes itself with confusion and contradiction. In short, being innovative flies in the face of what almost all parents want for their children, most CEOs want for their companies, and heads of states want for their countries. And innovative people are a pain in the ass.

Tom Leighton

Akamai co-founder & Chief Scientist, and MIT math professor

The TR University Research Scorecard

Article examines impact universities are having in terms of technology transfer related to the Bayh-Dole act; includes two Top-50 lists, one based on patents and one based on liscensing revenue