Startup Financial Modeling

A four-part series that aims to guide you through the components necessary for building your own financial model from scratch:
Part 1: The Why and What of Financial Modeling
Part 2: Assumptions
Part 3: Income Statement and Custom Detail Tabs
Part 4: Cash Flow, Balance Sheet and Keeping the Model Updated

Natalie Baumgartner

We know from research literature that there are not right or wrong cultures. What we know is that there is no certain type of culture that predicts high performance. What predicts this is culture alignment – you understand your core values, and everything you do, how you hire, develop, mentor, guide, engage your employees. When the values are aligned, those organizations are way more profitable. … [ Read more ]

7 Benefits Your VC Should Provide

Every entrepreneur can expect their venture investors to bring seven main benefits to the table. If you already have venture investors, you can use this article as-is. If you are currently considering fundraising, reverse it and ask prospective investors if they are able to support you in these key areas. If not, ask yourself if you’re talking to the right people.