Assess Your Transformation Pathways

This simple tool can help your team assess your organization’s current performance level across 6 areas (16 items to assess) and consider how important each is to develop a big-picture awareness of any gaps you need to work on.

Joe Folkman

While 70% to 80% of leaders are better off working on their strengths, 20% to 30% of leaders have something called a “fatal flaw.” Most people have weakness. However, fatal flaws are significant weaknesses that have a very negative impact on a person’s career and effectiveness.

Creating a Competency Model That Works

Many executives and HR leaders develop competency models with little to no research on whether they have any connection to outcomes. For example, charisma, time management entrepreneurial spirit, managerial courage, and executive presence are examples of competencies that don’t predict or correlate to levels of employee engagement, profitability, sales, safety, turnover, customer satisfaction, or quality. This white paper summarizes Zenger Folkman’s extensive experience with using … [ Read more ]

Jim Clemmer

There are no “success secrets.” However, there are success systems, success habits, and success principles applied through discipline and persistence.