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Today’s senior executive needs more than an assistant. He needs a chief of staff.

Bart van Ark

Since the Industrial Revolution, creators of technology have always destroyed jobs. New technologies often substitute for labor, which in advanced societies becomes more expensive. So the fact that today’s technology producers generate few jobs is not surprising. What’s important is that the technology gets diffused and used in the rest of the business sector, that it gets invested and creates new business activities, new processes, … [ Read more ]

James Krohe Jr.

Managing knowledge is hard to do well because managing knowledge is hard to do at all. Knowledge is at once a process, an outcome, and a raw material. Managing knowledge thus cuts across all the familiar institutional boundaries, which is why some firms base their KM efforts in their IT departments, some in HR, some in “business strategy” departments, some in new departments set up … [ Read more ]

James Krohe Jr., Gene Bellinger

With on-demand access to managed knowledge, every situation is addressed with the sum total of everything anyone in the organization has ever learned about a situation of a similar nature. The problem is that the sum total of everything anyone learned about anything is usually a muddle. If you doubt it, Google “management.”

Effecting Change in Business Enterprises: Current Trends in Change Management

This research report serves to help managers navigate in the complex change management environment. The report presents current models and methods used based on the collective wisdom and experience of The Conference Board’s Three Faces of Change Working Group members, a survey, in-depth interviews and case studies. Drawing on these resources, the working group sought to examine the state of the art in initiating and … [ Read more ]