An Appropriate Ethical Model for Business and a Critique of Milton Friedman’s Thesis

The goals of this article are to propose a free-market model of business ethics for firms of all sizes and types (by describing a past attempt to promote such a standard), to comment on the history of regulation and on the emergence and teachings of the discipline of “business ethics,” and to argue that Friedman’s perspective on corporate responsibility as outlined in 1970 and his … [ Read more ]

Michael Porter

Subsidy delays adjustment and innovation rather than promoting it. . . . Ongoing subsidies dull incentives and create an attitude of dependence. Government support makes it difficult to get industry to invest and take risk without it. Attention is focused on renewing subsidies rather than [on] creating true competitive advantage. One subsidized industry propagates its noncompetitiveness to others. Once started, subsidy is difficult to stop. … [ Read more ]