Excel spreadsheets for strategic planning – use with care!

Are you one of those strategic planners who rely on Excel spreadsheets? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Excel is and remains fairly popular in strategic planning. However, there is no denying – Excel is not the perfect solution for this purpose. There are some significant risks and downsides.

In this article, I discuss the pros and cons as well as the alternatives, and share my … [ Read more ]

Mergers and Corporate Culture

It is widely recognized that cultural differences between the partners of a merger are one of the most common reasons for failure in mergers. The development of a new, shared culture is a critical factor for merger success. It is possible to manage this process in a structured way. This article gives a brief introduction into the concept of corporate culture and explains, why it … [ Read more ]

Managing Growth – 5 Phases of Growth

This article discusses the statement: It is possible to speed up corporate growth – but not infinitely. Today start-up, tomorrow at the stock exchange – this is impossible for some practical reasons. The question is, however, how fast an organization can develop from start-up with a team of five to a business with 50+ people. For this discussion, Greiners model of Five Phases of … [ Read more ]