Finding Tariff and Tax Information

Follow the four step guide at this site to determine tariffs and taxes levied on U.S. products and services exported to other countries.

Export Portal – US Department of Commerce

Export Portal offers far-reaching resources about trade and exporting. Featured on the site is an online guide, “Get International Trade Assistance,” which provides information and a collection of helpful links on expanding businesses to include trade. The site also includes links to US government Websites dealing with trade and export, which feature statistics, market research, advocacy, a calendar of events and more. Finally, the site … [ Read more ]


A service of the U.S. Department of Commerce, this is a fee-based site for business, economic and trade information from the federal government; site has two main areas – State of the Nation has the federal gov’t info on the U.S. while Globus & NTDB has trade-related releases, int’l mkt research, trade opportunities, country analysis and a trade library; two ways to purchase information – … [ Read more ]

Digital Economy 2000: Commerce Department’s Third Annual Report On IT Revolution

Excellent report that suggests e-business and the extraordinary dynamism of industries that produce IT products and services are harbingers of a new era of higher, sustained growth with low inflation and low unemployment. The report also analyzes the forces behind these developments; has some excellent market statistics (also summarized in MBAdepot’s Mkt Research section)