World Bank Research Website

The World Bank has collected its economic research so that users can access it through one easy-to-use Webpage. Research is organized into three main sections: Topics, Project Sites, and Key Outputs. These topics are further broken down into subcategories, which are accessible from the front page via pull-down menus or hyperlinked lists. The site also contains a What’s New column, which lists the titles of … [ Read more ]

Global Development Gateway (GDG)

This new pilot project from the World Bank is designed as a portal for resources and tools on development issues, enabling those in the field to “share information, easily communicate, and build communities of practice around significant development challenges from the grassroots up.” Currently, users can visit the site to learn about the project, its prototype features, and view the demo. At present, the demo … [ Read more ]

A Better World for All

This 28-pg report, in HTML or .pdf, outlines the concerns and goals for setting the groundwork to reduce global poverty. Loaded with charts, graphs, and images, it allows readers to understand the basic goals of the World Bank. The report offers an overview of 7 of the World Bank’s main issues: poverty, education, gender equality, infant & child mortality, maternal mortality, reproductive health, and the … [ Read more ]