Beyond Supply Chains: Empowering Responsible Value Chains

Instead of focusing only on commercial advantage, leading companies are balancing that with environmental impact and local economic development. It’s what we call, “the triple advantage,” where value chains support business goals and contribute positively to the socio-economy. Accenture and the World Economic Forum joined to identify 31 supply chain practices that lead to a triple advantage.

Five Puzzles in the Behavior of Productivity, Investment, and Innovation

Productivity growth in the United States was considerably faster during 2000-2003 than in the boom years of 1995-2000. This ebullient productivity performance raises numerous questions about its interpretation and its implications for the future, and these are stated here in the form of five puzzles.
(1) Whatever happened to the cyclical effect?
(2) Why did productivity growth accelerate after 2000 when the ICT investment boom was … [ Read more ]

Global Leaders for Tomorrow Europe 2050 Task Force

Home of the Report on Readiness for the Future Index, designed to to provide a comprehensive framework for evaluating how well European societies are placed to meet the challenges brought about by the new millennium.

Editor’s Note: The GLTs are young but proven leaders from business, politics, the arts and civil society committed to improving the state of the world. 100 new GLTs are selected every … [ Read more ]