60 Days to Launch: The Anatomy of an Internet Startup

This site features a 60-episode (one per day) video diary of the conception of an Internet start-up company, mucho.com, counting down the sixty-days to its launch. Visitors can view today’s video entry as well as access all the past entries. The segments are about one to two minutes long (four to five megabytes). Visitors get a peek at real Internet geeks brainstorming, conferencing, schmoozing, designing databases, sharing office gossip, and more. The filmmakers are much more interested in the look and feel of an Internet start-up rather than the “nuts and bolts.” So this is no tutorial, but it’s a fascinating bit of contemporary anthropology.

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  1. Visitors will need to have Quicktime 4 downloaded and may experience waits of up to 3 minutes for individual downloads. The segments come in three different resolutions, allowing users to choose the one most appropriate for their connection.

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